Short History of Vermont Republic

Short History of Vermont Republic

Short History of Vermont Republic – Have you heard about Vermont Republic? Yes, it was once an independent republic in the United States before the Continental Congress declined its status as an independent state. To be exact, Vermont Republic was the 14th state of the United States that joined in 1791. Here is a short history of this short-lived Republic.
– People in Vermont Joined the American Revolution
American Revolution happened between 1765 and 1783. During this time, the colonial revolt against British and gained independence. The outcome of this war is the independence of the US from Great Britain. The Thirteen Colonies or the Thirteen States established the United States of America. But, at this time, Vermont Republic hadn’t been recognized as a part of the US because the people of Vermont fought for both the US and the British.

– It Became an Independent Republic Only for 14 Years
After the war ended, Vermont was recognized as a state, and in January 1777, they declared themselves as Vermont Republic, an independent state. They did this because they didn’t want to be a part of New York and they want to be recognized as a separate nation.

Because at that time New York was also taking part in the American Revolution, no complaint was made. This state has been standing out since then, including on how they only prohibits online gambling without any binding laws, unlike other states.

As an independent republic, they established their own postal service and money called Vermont coppers. They also became the first to grant the right to vote and ban adult slavery. They also have several landbased casinos tourists can visit, and accessing online gambling games without risk of stipulation.

– Vermont Became the 14th State of the US
Vermont Republic didn’t last long because the Continental Congress declined them to be separated from New York. The delegates they sent to the Continental Congress stated that they intended to become a part of the Union of the United States of America, but they didn’t get enough recognition from the beginning.

They eventually applied to be a state and it is agreed after they paid $30,000 to New York for its lost territory. Then, Vermont on March 4, 1791 was admitted as the 14th state with no attached conditions and because of that, it became the shortest admission act among all state admissions.

Vermont Republic only existed from 1777 to 1791. Before the status was declined by the Continental Congress, they had their own currency and postal service as an independent Republic. In the end, they joined as the 14th state of the US after it paid $30,000 to Now York for the lost territory.