Attractive Landscape in Vermont

Attractive Landscape in Vermont

Vermont is known for its beautiful and amazing landscapes which make people eager to stay for a long time. The adorable scenery of autumn leaves in red, yellow and brown will give you a magical moment to feel the beauty of nature of Vermont. It is one of the places in the world to explore. Here are some attractive landscapes that you can find in Vermont.

– Lake Champlain
Lake Champlain is located in the Burlington, Vermont. One of the largest lakes in Vermont has a great view that can make anyone get relaxed and feel the serenity. The sparkling lake water and the sunset will make your weekend perfect. People love to see the sunset in the Lake Champlain from the Battery Park.

The Lake Champlain is located in the four areas of the New York border and Burlington, Vermont. There are many activities that you can do in the Lake Champlain, such as swimming, seeing the sunset, rafting and more. You can stay in some nearest inns and feel the warmth of the sunset in the cold winter.

– Rock of Ages Quarry and Hope Cemetery
The quarry of granite which is estimated for years becomes one of the most attractive landscapes that you cannot find in other places, except Vermont. The Rock of Ages Quarry, that’s how people call this place, is beautiful scenery of granite quarry in the deep of 600 feet with a natural landscape around it.

The artificial lakes that located in the base of the quarry made this place become the perfect lake to photograph and enjoy the nature. On the top of the quarry, you will see Hope Cemetery which filled by beautiful carving made by the Italian Stonecutters who lived in Barre. You can read special notes on each grave which described the person behind the grave.

The Villages with Fall Foliage– The Villages with Fall Foliage
One thing that you will see once you step in Vermont is their adorable and magnificence villages with its fall foliage scenery. You will witness one of the most charms of Vermont which provided by nature to this area. During the journey in Vermont, the colorful fall leaves will welcome you. Most areas in Vermont are villages with its farms and woods.

The cows are eating the grass; the fall foliage with its charm will be your best friend during your holiday in Vermont. You can visit Peacham, Woodstock, Manchester, Newfane, Dorset, Warren, Arlington and Stowe are the best areas in Vermont that offered a great view of the landscape just like you see in the nature painting.

Vermont has so many adorable landscapes offered to you. You can enjoy the sparkling lake water in the Lake Champlain, see the magnificent Rock of Ages Quarry and Hope Cemetery also enjoy the villages with colorful fall foliage.