Brattleboro Farmers Market, Vermont

Binge Eating in Brattleboro Farmers Market, Vermont

Brattleboro Farmer Market is one of the popular destinations in Vermont. If you visit Vermont, you cannot forget to go to this market, especially if you want to taste different culinary of Vermont. Here are some interesting reasons on why you should visit Brattleboro Farmers Marker at least once.

Filled With More Than 50 Vendors
If you want to taste different food during your visit to Vermont, Brattleboro Farmers Market is the best answer. It is because this market is filled with more than 50 vendors that offer you with great variants of food from around the world. You can always get the food you want here for the entire family. Another best thing is that you can shop fresh vegetables brought by the local farmers.

Great Place to Buy Gifts
Not only offer you a great variety of foods, but you can also get to buy different crafts to bring home. The crafts that you can find here are varied and most of them are handcrafted by the locals. You can find different pieces of jewelry, bags, scarfs, and other unique crafts that you might not find in other places.

Great Entertainment

Great Entertainment While Shopping Around
The best thing about this Brattleboro Farmers Market is that you will get to enjoy great music every weekend. The music is brought to you by the local musician and you can enjoy various music genre here, from acoustic to jazz. The small music show will start in the morning and you can know the schedule from the official website of this market.

Since Brattleboro Farmers Market is filled with fresh local products and lots of food from around the world, you can always get everything you want to eat. Most importantly, you can shop around during your holiday in Vermont and enjoy great music by a local musician.