Get to Know Bernie Sanders, an Independent Senator from Vermont

Get to Know Bernie Sanders, an Independent Senator from Vermont

Bernard Sanders has served as US senator from Vermont for more than 10 years. He has caused lots of controversies in the recent years and he is planning to bid in the upcoming 2020 presidential election. Before you cast your vote, you need to learn more about him.

– Takes an Active Part in Political Affairs Long Before Being a Senate
Bernie Sanders was a Political Science student of Chicago University in 1964. During his student life, he always involved in different kinds of campaigns. He was appointed as a protest organizer for some prestigious organizations, such as organization the, CORE or Congress of Racial Equity and SNCC or Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.

– Wins the US Senate Election for Three Times
His involvement in those prominent organizations had awakened his interest in politics and he tried to run for governor election in Vermont and US Senate election. In 1972, he bid for a governor of Vermont and at the same year, he bid for the US Senate. However, both of them brought him to failure. He tried again to bid for the US Senate in 1974, but again, he failed. Those failures didn’t make him feel small and he tried his luck in the election for Major of Burlington in 1981. At this bid, he ran as an independent candidate and successfully win the race by 10 votes. In 1990, he bid for the US Senate and successfully win it. His path as a US Senator has been opened since then. He consecutively wins the US Senate election in 2006 and 2012.

Get to Know Bernie Sanders, an Independent Senator from Vermont– Alleged Sexual Harassment
His success as the US Senate doesn’t mean that he doesn’t involve in anything negative. Recently, some women who worked for him in the 2016 Presidential campaign had claimed to experience sexual harassment. In their report, they state that they didn’t only experience sexual harassment, but also inequality and disrespect. Shockingly, Sanders doesn’t aware of the accusation and he claims to be very busy to notice. Since this accusation has been brought to the public, he tries his best to help them by making a campaign related to sexism and discrimination toward women.

Bernie Sanders always involves in great political policy that will benefit Americans. Although some political parties don’t agree with him, he doesn’t really mind them and always stands up to his true intention. However, the recent news about the sexual harassment puts a great shock to the whole nation.