How Vermont Republic Joined America

How Vermont Republic Joined America

Vermont was an independent republic from 1777 (while Great Britain still controls The American continent) until 1791 (two years since George Washington became president.) In its short years, Vermont Republic managed several things ahead of the time though they had to join the Union by the end.
• How They Started
The land was fought between New York and New Hampshire colonies – two big colonies that happen to sandwich the area. Not wanting to lose the fight, both colonies claimed the area and let their people live in it. Yes, this history has been featured on many online slot games as available in .

However, as people had minds on their own, people of the land declared their independence out of the colonies and Great Britain as ‘New Connecticut’ on January 15th, 1777. Later on July 2nd, 1777, the name changed to Vermont Republic – inspired by the French phrase ‘les verts monts’ or The Green Mountains, a reference to Vermont’s militia ‘Green Mountain Boys’.

• What Did They Do During Their ‘Independence’?
During their 14 years of independence, Vermont Republic established a few but progressive things that would otherwise be unseen during the time, such as:

  • Democratic government. Modeled after Pennsylvania Constitution, Vermont Republic has a very democratic government. This lead to the ban of slavery (making Vermont the first land to do so) and voting rights to all adult men (at the time, only landowners can vote so this decision is definitely ahead of its time.)
  • Better stance in landowning. Instead of forcefully taking people’s land, the government created a rule that they can only take lands when they buy it form the owners.
  • Public school. The government built public schools for their people.

Besides all that, the government also established their own money and postal system despite wasn’t accepted by the British government.

• How Vermont Republic Joined The Union
Sadly, we can’t say that Vermont Republic was fully independent during their 14 years of reign. From the 1790s, the New York government already started to send commissionaires to gain Vermont as an American state. The negotiation take unsavory turns to Vermont until the Union suggested a resolution for them to join as a state in Bennington, 1791. Vermont Republic then officially became Vermont State in March 9th, 1791.
Abolishing slavery, giving rights for men to vote, giving public education, and persisting against Britain and America for years, Vermont Republic is not like some other lands on the 1700s. Even now, the area is considered well cultivated by Americans.