Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

Learn and Taste Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, the Tastiest Ice Cream in Vermont

Ben and Jerry’s factory has been around for a long time ago and it still a favorite ice cream factory in Vermont. As one of the best ice cream in town, it offers you with a short tour inside their factory. If you happen to visit Vermont during your holiday, taking the tour in Ben and Jerrys’ Factory is highly suggested.

Learn How Ben and Jerry’s Factory Produces Their Tasty Ice Cream

The tour to Ben and Jerry’s Factory will take you around 30 minutes and you will be accompanied with a friendly guide who will explain every detail of the factory. During this tour, you will get to see how the workers make different flavored ice cream and pack them up. The guide will explain every process to you so that you can follow everything well, especially if you bring the children with you.

Taste Different Flavored Ice Cream

The highlight of this tour is tasting the ice cream flavor. You will be offered to taste the sample of every flavor of ice cream they have. The best thing is that they always have new ice cream flavor and taking this tour will be the best chance to taste the new flavored one.

Shop for Gifts
The excitement won’t die down after you have finished the tour. It is because you can visit the Gift Shop to buy everything related to Ben and Jerry’s Factory, such as hats, T-shirt, lip balm, and many more. Of course, you cannot forget to buy the ice cream you want after you taste the sample during the tour!

If you are looking for the best destination for the whole family, the tour inside Ben and Jerry’s Factory is the best answer. However, you need to avoid the peak season since this place will be very crowded.