Stop By to Hen of the Wood

Stop By to Hen of the Wood, Burlington, Vermont, USA

Are you travelling around Vermont? Or are you simply looking for an exquisite dining opportunity? If so, then save a date and visit Hen of the Wood in Burlington! But what can you get there?

• Fresh From The Local Market
Food always taste best when they are fresh. However, costumer of Hen of the Wood will get extra lucky because their foods are not only fresh from the kitchen, but also from the market. That’s right – Hen of the Wood uses ingredients from local sources. While that makes the menu change almost daily, customers are guaranteed to get the freshest dishes possible.

• Speedy Service and Good Food Combo
Usually, a restaurant will only have either fast service or good dishes. Hen of the Wood is one of the places where you can get both, so don’t sleep on it when you are in Vermont! The servers are friendly and efficient, so don’t expect to wait too long here. Plus, there are many mind-blowing dishes on the menu. Hen-of-the-Wood, a mushroom toast dish named like the restaurant itself, is a must try.

Do you want an even better dining experience? Try getting the kitchen counter seats and get an astonishing view of the busy kitchen in Hen of the Wood!

• Happy Hour For Oyster Lover
Do you like oyster? Then it’s all the more reason to visit Hen of the Wood, especially around four to five p.m. Why? Because the restaurant sold oyster for $1 a piece on the hour daily. Try to come early, though – on most days, the oysters are sold in ten minutes!

If you are visiting Vermont, especially the town Burlington, don’t miss quality food in Hen of the Wood. The classy restaurant coupled with perfectly cooked dishes made by award winning chefs is definitely one of the best things to memorize in Vermont. Don’t forget to reserve a seat first!