The History and Facts about Vermont State

The Vermont state is one of the states of the USA. This state is the first state that joined the Union after the changing of the constitution. In the past, Vermont was a region that caused a conflict between New Hampshire and New York. However, in 1764, King George III decided to put Vermont as a part of New York. However, during 1777 – 1791, Vermont was an independent state with the official name is The Vermont Republic. This independent state had its own flag, constitution, and even its own money that was called the Vermont copper. But, in 1791, Vermont came back as a part of the United States of America. Since then, Vermont has a long history. In 1864, Vermont became one of the targets in the Civil War by Confederate soldiers. In 1927, there was a terrible flood that destroyed hundreds of bridges in Vermont. After that, Vermont started to recover the bridges up until now. In 2013, there was a separatist organization that was called the Second Vermont Republic or SVR. This organization was made by some people in Vermont to create the independent Vermont Republic like in the past. This organization spread its ideology by creating campaigns and t-shirt. However, up until now, Vermont is still a part of the United States of America.

The capital state of Vermont is Montpelier that is the smallest capital state in the USA. This population of this city is about less than nine thousand people. In Montpelier, you cannot find any shop of McDonalds. This is the unique point of Vermont. However, you can find that Montpelier is the largest city in producing Maple syrup through the USA. In addition, if you need to make a driver licenses with your photo, you need to go to the Montpelier. Since only Montpelier that provides services in the making of driver license with a photo through the Vermont state.

Vermont is also widely known as the city with the greatest number of dairy cows. In addition, you can find easily the ice cream that is given by Ben & Jerry Ice Cream company to the farmers. Usually, the farmer will give the ice cream to their hogs. However, Ben & Jerry is not the largest employer in Vermont. But, the largest employer is IBM. The architecture of Vermont is also wonderful. You can find the gold dome of Vermont’s state capitol building.