The History of Vermont State

The History of Vermont State – Vermont is one of the states in the United States of America. It has a long history since the beginning. In addition, Vermont is also one of the unique states in the USA. You may find some facts that cannot be found anywhere else. Do you know that Vermont became a hot issue during the 1700s? Well, the New Hampshire and New York argued each other to get Vermont as their part. However, after the British Empire took the case, King George III determined that Vermont was a part of New York in 1764. After that, Vermont needed to pay the admission to New York for about $30.000 as compensation for the lost property of New York. On the other hand, from 1777 to 1791 Vermont became an independent state instead of a part of the United States of America. This condition was completed since the Vermont Republic created its own flag, constitution, and money. However, since 1791, Vermont came back to be a part of the USA. However, in 2013, some people of Vermont decided to make a separatism organization that was called the Second Vermont Republic (SVR). The goal of this organization was to create the independent Vermont Republic. But, until now, Vermont is still a part of the United States of America.

The Vermont name was taken from French words that means the Green Mountain. This name was chosen to substitute the previous name, “New Connecticut”, in June 1777. The changes were suggested by the Philadelphia doctor as the name of the new Republic. Still, in 1777, Vermont for the first-ever, adapted the constitution to make a rule for stopping the slavery of men adult. In this constitution, all men have the same rights for being an independent person. This constitution was made as to the answer to the enslavement of adults both men and women.

During the Civil War, Vermont was one of the places that were attacked by Confederate Soldiers. The attack was taken place on October 19, 1864. In this attack, Confederate soldiers robbed three banks in tow of St. Albans. Then, they came back after robbing about $200.00. Vermont also suffered from the terrible flood in 1927. At that time, hundreds of the 600 bridges in Vermont was broken due to the bog flood that passed the state. Up until now, around 100 bridges have been restored in Vermont.