US $10.000 for Anyone Who Moves to Vermont

US $10.000 for Anyone Who Moves to Vermont

Vermont governor, Phil Scott, officially stated a law that will pay for US$10.000 for citizens who have the willingness to move to Vermont. Those also include the fee for movement, daily needs, and other things for those new citizens. They are expected to work from home to a company that is outside of the country. What is actually going on in Vermont?

Remote Worker Grant Program to Overcome National Issues

This program is called Remote Worker Grant Program. It was expected to begin at January 1st 2019. The payment also includes moving fee, daily life fee, and working fee. However, the money can be used for other needs as well, like purchasing electronic, paying for internet, and paying for co working space rent; citizens can decide on how they will spend the money given to them, as long as they want to move to Vermont.

The actual purpose of this program is to overcome the high number of elderly people in the country. Even though this country is well known for its beauty nature and its maple syrup, still, this country has a decreasing tax basis. It might be the result of high number of elderly people as well. Therefore, to overcome these two main problems, the government comes out with an idea to invite people all over USA to come over and stay in Vermont.

Not Only Remote Worker Grant Program, Vermont Government Also Offers Stay to Stay

Since it will be a big program that will spend a lot of money of the country, Vermont government already makes financial plan about this program. In the first time, the government prepared this program for 100 people. Later on, the number will keep on gaining 20 people every year. US$ 10.000 will be directly distributed to them using the value, “first come, first served.”

Therefore, citizens are suggested to move quickly to save their seat. Not only Remote Worker Grant Program, Vermont governor also offers Stay to Stay program. It is a specific program for tourists who come to Vermont. They are convinced to move to Vermont permanently. In return, the government will do their best in supporting those tourists until they can settle.

Vermont government is working really hard to overcome two national issues; high number of elderly people and quick decreasing of tax basis. Inviting people using Remote Worker Grant Program and Stay to Stay program is hopefully to be effect