US Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont to Run for 2020 Presidential Election

US Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont to Run for 2020 Presidential Election

Bernie Sanders shows his competency as a politician through his political campaigns. However, he has created a recent issue that will stain his name and lower his chance of winning the election. Plus, different parties have turned their heads for him.

Bernie Sanders’ Political Policies So Far

Sanders is very popular for his political policies that benefit the citizens since his main goal here is to eliminate the unequal economic gap. He has suggested lots of political policies and some of them don’t please other political parties. His famous political policies, among others, are universal and single-payer healthcare for all citizens, paid parental leave that will benefit the employees, free education tuition for tertiary education, and minimize the military spending. To gain more public interest during his presidential campaign, he also participates on tax plan campaign for the rich. In this campaign, he wants to reach economical equity by making the wealthy Americans who have more than $50 million net worth to pay the tax. By making the rich to pay the tax, it can be very helpful to pay for various social programs. His active participations in various political campaigns make some political parties afraid of him. Plus, he is backed by lots of party leaders that make him gain more status for the future Presidential election.

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Sexual Harassment Accusation and How He Responds
The beginning of 2019 might not be a good start for Bernie Sanders. Some women have claimed to be the sexual harassment victims during his 2016 Presidential campaign. These women stated that they receive sexual harassment and they also get different treatment as a worker. They receive lower payment and they get negative treatment from other campaign members. However, he wasn’t aware of this accusation since he was very busy during the campaign. Having realized this problem, he apologizes to them and thanks them for their bravery to speak up. He doesn’t stay still and brings up this problem in the senate meeting. He wants to make other aware of this sexism and discrimination in hope to prevent it to happen again in the future as well as to make sure he can run for 2020 presidential election.

Bernie Sanders has gone through ups and downs to get his current place as a senator. He doesn’t come this far easily and his struggles can be a great inspiration for many people. However, the recent controversies regarding the sex harassment will influence the number of the vote he gets in the upcoming presidential election.