Vermont Republic and Its Cheese

Vermont Republic and Its Cheese

The popular thing about the Vermont Republic is its cheese. The Vermont Republic has many cheese artisans and cheese makers which well-known around the world. If you think you have enough see kinds of cheese in your life, you have to wait and visit Vermont to get amazed with many varieties and types of cheese which produced by their cheesemakers.

Home for Cheese Makers
For your information, Vermont Republic is the house of 50 cheese makers which produce cheese in various types, such as cheddar cheese, blues cheese, alpine cheese, butter, cream cheese, cultured cheese and more. The cheese is produced from the fresh milk of goats, sheep, cow, and more. The cow used is not only the local cow but also some popular breeding cow which famous for its high-quality milk.

The unique taste of the cheese made by the local cheese artisans and cheesemakers in Vermont is derived from the food eaten by the cow. Some stock farmers gave different food for their cows, such as fresh basil and grass. The creativity of the cheesemakers in processing their homemade cheese also makes a difference in producing so many variants of cheese on their cheese products. Vermont has won World Cheese Award and World Championship Cheese contest which make Vermont well known in the entire world for their cheese.

The Popular Cheese Makers in Vermont
Don’t forget to visit some popular cheese makers if you go to the Vermont Republic. Here are some recommendations for you. For the first destination, you can go to Lazy Lady Farm. It is located at Laini Fondilier, 973 Sniderbrook Road, Westfield, Vermont 05874. This farm is popular for its goat cheese. Laini Fondilier is well known as the master of cheese which is made from goat. Some recommended cheese products from Lazy Lady Farm are La Petite Tomme, La Roche, Valencay and Les Pyramids and Capriola. Another recommendation is Grafton Village Cheese. It is well known for their cheddar cheese. If you want to find the real cheddar cheese, you have to go this Grafton Village Cheese.

Vermont knows for its cheese best quality. You can find 50 cheesemakers in Vermont which produced more than 150 types of different cheese. The cheese in Vermont is made of goat, sheep and cow milk. Each cheesemaker and artisan in Vermont has own unique recipes to create their signature cheese. Some popular cheesemakers in Vermont are Lazy Lady Farm and Grafton Village Cheese.