What the Second Vermont Republic

What the Second Vermont Republic

What the Second Vermont Republic – Vermont republic was once an independent nation in 1777 to 1791 before it became the 14th state of the United States. In 2013, the news shocked the entire nations because Vermont wanted to secede from the US and claimed as Second Vermont. What is it? And should we worry about it?
– The Second Vermont Republic
The term Second Vermont Republic might be familiar to you because it has been famous since Thomas Naylor initiated the Second Vermont Republic movement in 2003. The movement became bigger as in September 2013, 60 Vermonters celebrated the state’s independent spirit and they also discussed their goals.

They even have their own website which describes the group as “committed to the peaceful return of Vermont to its status as an independent republic”. During the movement, the number of visit on this website is almost as competitive as the number of online gambling active players in https://agenbola108.cc site.

– Vermont as an Independent State
The Second Vermont Republic here wants to return to its status as an independent state as it was in 1777 to 1791. As an independent state, they use the old flag used by Vermont when they were an independent state.

They also claimed that as an independent state, they will carry out Plan V or Plan Vermont that reads Imagine peace, secure civil liberties, small towns, small farms, and small businesses. Human scale. The plan is quite possible because they have the natural sources that will help them to survive as an independent state. In numbers, this is a possible movement as risks and possibilities are counted.

However, it will face other obstacles as a new state. They will need to gain international recognition so that they can be a part of the united nations. It is one of the hardest things to do because declaring independence doesn’t make other countries recognize its status. They will also need to suffer because they don’t get finance support from the federal government. Without financial support, they will need to sacrifice lots of things, including health and low-income. They will also need to suffer a lot because most of the important things in life are sacrificed, like water quality, state police, transportation, public safety, and education.

Second Vermont was initiated by a group of leftists who want to secede and declare Vermont as an independent republic as before. The group wants Vermont to be free from the US and have their own 3F or Food, Fuel, and Finance. They can be sufficient as an independent state, but it is almost impossible to seal it off completely from the world.